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Customized Programme :


Program Details:

The training programme is designed and structured specifically for internship students to understand the operations and maintenance of Urban Rail systems. The participants gain theoretical knowledge and exposure to the real operations and maintenance system as well as equipment and infrastructure. Our interns’ work is intended to be related to urban rail system and are developed to provide a full range of experience. We match our intern students with engineers to work closely on operation and maintenance aspects. Through this programme, students are also given the opportunity to visit Prasarana stations and depots.

Programme Objective:
  • To gain a broad understanding of the urban railway operations and maintenance including safety principles in working condition.
  • Overview of Facilities Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, corrective maintenance
  • To provide the exposure on the field work of Urban Rail Electrification
  • To provide the exposure on the field work of Urban Rail signalling & communication
  • To provide the exposure on the real field work of rolling stock maintenance including maintaining, repairing and overhauling components in Rolling Stock.
  • To observe and understand repairs, overhaul, corrective and preventive maintenance activities in accordance to the planned schedule to ensure train system and sub-system are in good working condition for optimum operations.
  • To observe and understand management of station operation resources (manpower, infrastructures, facilities and equipment) in efficient condition to receive and serve customer throughout rail operating hours.
Key topics:
  • An In-sight on Urban Rail System
  • Construction and Railways Technology
  • Railway Electrical Technology
  • Railways Mechanical Technology
  • Railway Transportation Management


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